About Us

This catered style of BBQ is unique to New Zealand, the taste, the flavour. Whether it’s a backyard marquee wedding,international sporting event, or a private or corporate celebration, our specialist location team can produce tantalising BBQ flavours that your guests won’t be able to resist.

At Stu’s Smokin’ Barbeque it’s all about you relaxing and enjoying the ease and attitude. Our mobile BBQ smokers work hard for you, wherever and whenever in New Zealand you need us, serving your guests food that’ll fire up their taste buds and confirm your event as a smokin’ good time. You can cater for your crowd as individuals, with lip-smacking tender cuts of a range of meats and fish, as well as fresh hearty salads from our versatile menu options.

Whether you’re catering for a corporate or sporting event, wedding, on-site lunch, film production, roof shout or that long overdue “everyone’s invited” party, you can relax and enjoy yourself knowing that your function is in capable hands. Check out our flexible menus and give your guests the ultimate Smokin’ Barbeque experience.

To talk to our sales team about your upcoming event, please call 0800 STUS BBQ (0800788722)


The Concept


About 8 years ago by chance, Stu, when watching his favourite TV programme, the Food Channel  and a  BBQ competition,  immediately identified a gap in our NZ market.

So Stu travelled to the USA to attend the Madison Rib Fest and after 30hrs of cooking and no sleep, he was certain this would be a style of cooking that Kiwis would love.

After negotiating with a manufacturer in the Mid West to supply him with a 1.5 tonne American BBQ….we became the proud owners of what we affectionately call “The Old Mare”. Our stable has since increased over the years and we have various sizes of barbeques depending on the size and style of the event.

Stu travels to the USA each year to partake in the Mid West BBQ Championships, rubbing shoulders alongside some of the most enthusiastic American BBQ greats.  Every year brings something new and exciting keeping him up with the latest trends and processes of American barbequing. The latest has been how to cook whole hog and brisket…..enough to make your mouth water!!

The BBQ style has come into its own with the current market and is a cost effective way of keeping catering budgets tight.

Offering huge options for cooking styles and if preferred; using cheaper meat cuts, but not compromising on quality and taste.  With the slow cooking process, the meat has a fantastic taste and is so tender.

One of the many points of difference is the use of mops and rubs.

Add flavour and moisture to foods while they are cooking, either grilling or smoking. While it might sound funny to mop your food, this technique of barbecuing can make all the difference between dried out meat or moist and flavoursome.

Are spices and/or herb mixtures that are added to foods before cooking. Rubs can be completely dry or incorporate some liquids in which case it is called a wet rub or paste. Rubs are most often used in barbequing and grilling because of their ability to stick to meats when grilled or smoked.