It’s all about giving yourself options and creating the right combination for your guests. You know your friends, family & colleagues, so at Stu’s Smokin’ Barbeque we put the control in your hands, we allow you to create your ultimate menu. We tailor all our menus to meet your taste and budget requirements.

Please contact our sales team on 0800 STUSBBQ (0800 788722) or send them an email at to hear about our fantastic menu options.

Sample Wedding Sharing Platter Menu 1

Caramelised onion & feta tartlet with honey drizzle (V)

Smoked salmon blini with dill crème fraiche & capers

Pink lamb on parmesan shortbread ŵ sticky onion

Chicken bruschetta ŵ peach & mango chutney


Double Smoked Ham on the Bone ŵ rum hog baste
Merquen Chicken Breast rubbed in a Chilean spice and mopped ŵ cranberry, plum and honey
Black Jack Beef beef sirloin ŵ our own mild smoked rub, mopped ŵ black jack sauce

Accompanied by cranberry sauce, whole grain mustard, horseradish cream and Stu’s bbq sauce

Accompanied by

Stu’s Ranch Slaw ŵ toasted seeds & aioli
Seasonal Green Salad packed ŵ seasonal market delights and a fresh herb dressing

Gourmet Potato Salad Potatoes tossed ŵ caramelised onions and a whole grain mustard mayo
Tex Mex Salad Ŵ corn, Spanish onion, tomato, beans & capsicum ŵ a creole dressing

Basket selection of freshly cut artisan breads & butter


Your Wedding Cake ŵ vanilla cream and a berry compote

Fresh Sliced Fruit hand cut selection of seasonal market fruits

From $58.00 Incl GST pp